As summer sets in and temperatures rise, I only wish for one thing: that you are reading this column under the shade of a beach umbrella, softly tickled by sea spray. Here’s why.

I don’t know about you but I love summer. Yes, I know, how mundane of me. But the reason isn’t that silly: when summer comes, I feel like myself again, like I can fully reclaim my body. For me absolute bliss doesn’t necessarily involve lying on a beach somewhere, it comes slightly before that.

In fact, I enjoy all the little indicators, like finding seats available on café terraces or buying sunscreen lotion. This in itself feels like holidays to me, so you can imagine how I feel when I start to pack! It’s almost a mechanical act because my mind has already drifted far away when I actually get around to packing (which, of course, is at the last moment)! I feel hooked to an endorphin drip. This disproportionate summer adoration has actually become something of a problem because I tend to get depressed when winter comes (yes, you read correctly: the reason for my depression IS winter).

So I’ve recently asked myself: what is it about summer that I love so much? Is it the sensation of sun on my skin, the chirping of crickets, Niçoise salads, hanging out with friends and sharing a bottle of rosé? The answer is probably a mix of all of that. But what I enjoy above all, and I mean it, are summer nights.

Those who spend their summer in Brittany might not understand this. But if I’m such a big fan of the Côte d’Azur (and of the Mediterranean area in general), it has a lot to do with these evenings where the temperature is just warm enough to make you feel great in your own skin.

Under such circumstances, you have no other choice than to surrender and relax: a light dress or a pair of denim shorts, light shoes, a fun handbag and nothing else. No need to carry a jacket around in case it gets chilly, no need for makeup either since you already have a nice glow. Summer nights allow us to let go completely. You’ll have to admit: this rare feeling is priceless. So, still feel like going to Brittany?

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