A brush

I can’t emphasize this enough. Did you every realize you forgot to bring a freakin’ brush after you just washed your hair ? And then tried to untangle your super thick hair with that sort of mini plastic comb the hotel gives you ? LOL. My GBF had a good laugh, but I didn’t let that happen to me twice. Never forget to pack your brush, ladies. And yes, french girls brush their hair (just once, after it’s just been washed – you don’t want to break those waves it took you hours to make look perfect the day after, just saying #wokeuplikethis).


All tiny everything

I don’t usually use Klorane for my hair on a day-to-day basis (except for their amazing dry shampoos), but you can find the Klorane shampoos and conditioners in tiny formats in every other french pharmacy for like 2 euros. Since I’m pretty much travelling every month, I keep a small translucent bag with all of my liquids in the right format ready to go (I hate waiting for luggage at the airport so I only travel with a carry on bag). The Mango shampoo and conditionner from Klorane are in that bag. Some people are just fine with the shampoos that the hotels provide, but I was never happy with those, as they always leave my hair super dry and weird looking. And we all know that when abroad as a french girl, you need to « reprezent » with perfect hair (winky face).




For those who thought my not-that-low-maintenance routine was pretty low, brace yourselves, because my travel one is even lower. As I said, it’s all in a mini translucent bag, which contains :

  • the basic of all basics, a face moisturizer. I mean, even if you don’t need much, I really don’t see myself traveling without one. Especially after taking the plane, my skin gets so dry, ew. This one is also different from my day-to-day one (which are multiple, actually) : it’s the Bioderma Hydrabio Légère. I like it because it’s light on the skin, and it works well wherever (if it’s hot, or cold). And no, I don’t overthink it.
  • a face cleanser (the Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser). It’s actually the mini version of the one I use everyday when I shower. So why stopping when I’m away ?
  • a tiny face mask (Kiehl’s Calendula Soothing Hydration mask). This one was left in here by mistake, but I used it when on beach holidays and it proved helpful and nice. So I recommend.
  • a tiny version of the make-up remover Bioderma Eau Micellaire. Do I really need to explain why ?


Make-up wise, I keep it to the minimum as well. Like I said, I can’t stand overpacking and I travel super light (some might even say it’s a sickness). Here’s what I bring with me

  • a concealer (the Glossier one is perfect because it’s tiny and I can apply it with my finger)
  • a blush (a cream blush from MAC)
  • a lipstick (Glossier Generation G in Jam)

That’s it, and here’s why. There are only so many reasons to why I travel : a job (shooting), on holidays (beach, city break, or skying), or seeing my family. If it’s a job, there’s gonna be make-up on set, and if there is not, well, there’s always Photoshop (ha ha ha, just kidding!). If it’s a holiday, I can NOT be bothered. And if it’s visiting family, well, I can only assume that they’ll love me anyway.


Other stuff

As much as a believe that we should all know that by now, here’s an additional list of super necessary things to travel with that I wish I did not have to figure out myself. You’ll thank me later !

  • a deodorant (the roll-ons from Etiaxil are the BEST!)
  • hair ties and bobby pins
  • Nurofen (or any other light medication for stomach / head aches)
  • wipes (how else are you taking off that make-up ?)
  • dry shampoo (even do French people do take showers)


Now, can you see why I was shocked by the lack of stuff that my friend travels with ?