Stick to the classics

(photo is the grey one piece by eres)

It’s true there are some very cool brands that came through thanks to Instagram (and I’m the first to wear them), but I believe that when it comes to swimwear, it’s good to always have a classic or too in your luggage. For instance, I don’t know how it is in the US but in France, Eres is THE classic brand that women have been wearing for generations. Now, I know they’re pricey (although totally worth it), but at the same time, they are the quintessence of classic French chic. This, by the way, is a piece that’s been reedited by the brand this summer, so it’s truly a classic. Of course, no one has to rob a bank to get a suit, and there are affordable alternatives that we could also consider classic and timeless. Here are some examples.







Basics are good, too (photo is the brown one piece by matteau)

Another brand that I’ve been in love with is Matteau Swim. I’ve been following them since the very beginning and, what I love about them, is that they provide good options for a lot of body types. In my case, I lost quite a few pounds between last summer and this year, and yet their suits still fit me like a glove. Which brings me to my next point : crochet bikinis and other Instagram friendly trends are cool (for photos?), but nothing beats dressing (or undressing) for your body type. Also, what’s more French chic then that ?








Prints and vintage shapes never hurt anyone

I could not address this topic without including a bit of cliché in it, right ? Whenever I’m bored by basics and classics, I like to try and copy Bardot (groundbreaking) and wear some printed suits. And not just any prints : polka dots (duh) pink gingham and vintage flowery prints are my go-to’s. Because nothing beats a little desuetude.








Play it like MacPherson

Aka – The Body. There’s no better time than the summer to have a little fun. To me, Hunza G (another cool, Insta brand) embodies this perfectly, and whenever I come across one of their beautifully art directed photos, I think of Elle, of course, but also of Stephanie de Monaco (for those who don’t know her, I encourage you to Google her). Their whole vibe just reminds me of the 80’s, a time when showing a healthy and curvier figure was trending. I miss this.