Shippings and returns


Every Ask A French Girl’s client has a right of withdrawal. The use of this right must be reported
in advance by email to the following address: A withdrawal form can
be downloaded directly from the website. When the demand has arrived Ask a French Girl
communicates to the Customer a receipt that the demand will be treated. The Customer may also
fill out an online form on her personal Account.

The right of withdrawal is without penalty. If the customer uses this right, the item must be
returned to Ask a French Girl within 14 (fourteen) days (starting the day of receipt of the item).
Beyond this period of 14 (fourteen) days, the sale is firm and final. The item must be returned in
its original packaging, in its original condition, new, unworn, unwashed. To make a return, the
customer must follow the procedure indicated on her order receipt.

The refund is subject to the fact that Ask A French Girl was able to receive the item as initially
delivered. Unless agreed by the Customer, Ask A French Girl will refund using the same method
of payment as the customer first used.

The return of the item is the responsibility of the Customer and is at her own risk.
The refund of an order paid with a credit, will be refunded automatically by a credit.

If the Customer does not accept Terms and Conditions, Ask a French Girl will not be able to
refund the items. In all cases, the return costs are the responsibility of Ask a French Girl if it is
proved that the delivered item is different or damaged from the ordered item.