Did it start when I was a child and my mom used to take me to the hairdresser and get me a bunch of new clothes before the vacation would end ? Probably. Anyway, since then, I’ve been awaiting for the new fall trends to show the tip of their noses in store and began to figure out that « new me » fall silhouette whilst I was still in my bathing suit.

So, what’s up this year ? Of course, my phone is already full with screenshots and wish lists of all sorts I plan on (or dream of) buying. I’m not sure it’s a French thing at all, though, even if that’s definitely a topic we like to talk about with my girlfriends while at the beach (« Look at that coat », « I’m sooooo getting these boots when I get back to Paris! »). I’m actually even wondering how that mechanism works in other countries, too.

September is a specific time when it comes to trends, I think. Whereas, during the rest of the year, French women like to stick to their basics « masculin / féminin » pieces, it seams to me that, that moment gives us an excuse to buy some more trendy pieces. To stay in the game, maybe ? For instance, even though I’m a huge (and I mean HUGE) fan of the Isabel Marant Glover Boots (which have a simple yet sophisticated shape), this year, I have my eye on a more « elaborate » pair, still from Isabel Marant. I’m also about to get a pink coat (but still in that boyfriend shape, very parisian) to pair them with.

Generally, I noticed a bunch of my Parisian friends liked to get new bags, to give the « school » year a good kick. I’m not really a bag person, but still, every year at the end if august, I take a look to A.P.C. and Vanessa Steward, just in case. Marketing target, you said ?

Evidently, all the « do’s » have their « don’t ». What would I never wear for fall season ? Even I believe it’s a time to give in to some more trendy pieces, I don’t think getting it all is the best option. It’s not really a fall rule, but more of a general style rule for French women : not following the trends blindly but keeping it real and according them to your own style (and figure) is always best. Of course, I’m speaking for me as the trends that I mentioned are the ones I enjoy personally, but I’m not gonna lie, it’s an attitude I’ve noticed on many women. For instance, would I buy a leopard printed dress this fall even if I feel it might make a comeback ? Probably not. And that applies to super rare and highly coveted collabs (not gonna give any names!), too.

Less talking, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Here are my fave picks for fall !


Pink’s the STUFF ! I’m so glad it’s back, and especially for fall (that shade looks great with a tan). To keep up that Parisian vibe, the boyfriend coat is just perfect.


These are the « elaborate » pair I’ve been talking about. I’m sure they fit like a glove and would look amazing with a cropped pant. Suede boots are obviously a must for fall, especially in Paris.

Here are some simpler boots with a « glove-ish » shape that I love


I come out of holidays usually with a few pounds, so I avoid buying jeans right away (LOL). But since I’m always on a quest for the perfect pair, I still tend to look at what’s new.


Like pink, I think khaki’s back this fall. I’d like to try wearing it on pants, or in a more classical way, with that bomber (and yes, my love for Isabel Marant is real).

Open shoes

These are so « back to school-ish » ! I already got them. Black patent babies with a low heel are never out of trend. They actually remind me of the Chanel Slingback.

Like I said, september is a good time for trying new things. These are not very Parisian, but I love how fun they are. Would definitely wear them for Fashion Week !


I got a very similar mini bag recently and can’t go out without it. Starting the year with a mini-bag gives it a perfect light vibe. And generally speaking, I like to start the year with a new bag !