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As we’re approaching the end of fashion month, I’d like to talk to you about my perspective on the whole street style game, and how it really affects the way I dress, and feel.

Even if I’ve been working in the industry for many years, I’m actually kind of a newbie in the Fashion weeks circles. I used to be an intern or be a junior at magazines, so I never really got invited to things. As my « influencer » career (yes, it’s a career now lol) and journalist job are growing bigger, I get invited to more things than I used to. I’m obviously really happy about it, but I’m kind of also discovering a whole new world from the inside, with it’s codes, that I used to watch with a little bit more distance.




Overtime, my perspective on dressing up for fashion shows sort of changed. To be totally honest, when I was younger, I used to think that the « fashion circus » – as Suzy Menkes called it – that consisted in girls changing in between shows and coming up with crazy outfits to get street styled were not my thing. But I totally changed my mind ! Fashion weeks schedules can be so overwhelming, that I now really understand how dressing up, changing outfits ten times a day, playing along with the brands (and the photographers) and wearing total looks to the show, is actually a true way of showing that you have perspective on all of this and more importantly that you like to have fun and feeling good about yourself. And isn’t that all that really matters ?

With that in mind, I’d also like to point out the fact that, knowing I’ll (probably) get street-styled obviously influences my outfit choices. One of the photographers that I often see outside shows said to me the other day that he « liked my style because I didn’t dress up in order to get photographed ». That’s not entirely true ! Getting my picture is not my goal, but I do like to be more playful with my outfits in this circumstances (which are fashion shows). Like I said before, having fun and feeling good about yourself is the most important part. Now, would I wear a total pink look on a day-to-day basis ? I’m not sure (although I might, haha). But I’m totally fine going to the playful side for these occasions.



As for french girls, I feel like they also play the « fashion circus » game : of course they’ll wear a look from the brand and everything. The only difference is, I believe it’s mostly done with this french touch of « je ne sais quoi ». It’s not necessarily super done or perfect, and it’s not necessarily a total look. Just their own style and vibe, with a little twist (in french, we would call that a « clin d’oeil » which translates as a winky face!). It’s simply alive and flawed, which is good, in my opinion. After all, fashion is not that serious !