We all know keeping it cool in winter can be pretty tricky. Aren’t we all super excited about winter coats, knits and boots when the first days of autumn start to show their wonderful colors, then equally tired of wearing the same things over and over whilst struggling with that ghosty skin at the end of the party season ? Well, let us all be reassured, I’m here to help you solve that (horrific) problem. Let’s dive into winter styling à la française !




Rule number one : don’t give in to too comfortable pieces

Yes, I know, Uggs are comfortable. But would Catherine Deneuve wear Uggs ? I’m guessing you already have the answer. When it’s been cold for months and the days are short, it can be tempting to get out of the house in that puffer coat and winter beanie, but if you wanna follow the « french chic » rules for winter styling, these are not part of the list. On a more serious note, I find that for me (and also in Paris in general), privileging style over maximum comfort tends to motivate me, because it just makes me feel good about myself. I know it sounds weird… But I believe it might be the key to the « french girl » cool vibe : don’t overdress, but also never underdress. And always ask yourself : « what would Catherine Deneuve wear » ?

NB : this only works for the those who live in the city. I wouldn’t recommend wearing heels in the country side. I’m not that cruel.



Rule number two : try not to accumulate winter accessories

Easier said than done. But while it’s fun and easy to accessorize during the summer (because you wear fewer pieces of clothing), over-accessorizing in winter can make you look like a « sapin de Noël » (christmas tree – and yes, it’s a saying). I rarely come across women wearing the full winter package in the streets of Paris (oversized beanie + knitted gloves + oversized scarf + furry boots….). It’s just too much. A turtleneck under a men’s coat and leather gloves (if it’s really very cold) will make you appear lighter (and more french).



Rule number three : Chose the perfect essentials, and be playful with them

This can come of as a paradox, as we can all tell that there’s clearly a Parisian winter uniform (and that uniform often comes in grey). Of course, we all remember the « cliché » items that every french women has in her closet. But sometimes, it’s cool to be playful and just wear your french basics (men’s coat, oversized knit, perfect jeans…) with some fun items. To me, winter time is the perfect season to wear glitter, velvet, and furry numbers, to mix with your everyday essentials. They don’t call it party season for nothing !


Here are some very french items that Catherine Deneuve would definitely wear


Fluffy details are my absolute go-to’s for party season. Pair them with a fun pouch and some cute heels (preferably fluffy as well).






I love a furry, vintage looking coat. You can see so many of them wandering the streets of Paris ! They’re perfect with a super simple outfit (jeans, t-shirt, boots).

Velvet can look so chic if paired with something super simple ! It’s also perfect for going out.




One can only call herself French if she owns at least one super cool pair of boots.




And of course, pair all of that with some cool jewelry (gift ideas alert!) and you’re all good !






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