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The Carrie Bradshaw look

And I know, Carrie is a New Yorker. This look is actually super personal, as I’ve always been a fan
of the series and recently re-binged it. Carrie’s look was kind of over the top (love all of her looks in
the show, by the way), so I tried to take it down a notch, the french way. I got this Chanel jacket at
my friend’s Carole vintage shop (La Mode Vintage) as the first time I laid eyes on it I thought
« That’s something Carrie would wear ! ». Yes, I’m a little crazy. And yes, I’m wearing short shorts
in winter. But wouldn’t Carrie do that ? I believe she would.



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The Disco look

I actually had a gold jumpsuit from LPA in mind when I thought of that look, but haven’t got it on time. This fluffy number is quite sexy whilst not that revealing, appart from it’s plunging neckline. I love jumpsuits, French girls love jumpsuits (I see a lot of women wearing them in the streets). Not that it’s a Parisian trend, per say, but I personally believe that any jumpsuit is really sexy. And my French male friends agree with me.



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The Laid back typically french look

I couldn’t not include a typically french look ; meaning : not all of the French girls like to dress up (I even think I’m in the minority part). So, I’m not going to over explain why this look is French and effortless, I believe you got the drill. But a little inspo is always welcome, right ?




The 60s look

I don’t know if it’s the bangs, but I’ve been obsessed with the mini dress with a 60’s vibe lately. Not as obsessed as I am with Carrie, of course. But I think that this look is actually the perfect combination of a little dress up mixed with a cosy vibe. This is a look I’ve been wearing IRL a lot these days, and if it wasn’t for that gold jumpsuit from LPA, I would probably wear it for NYE as well. It’s not too much, and very french.



Photo : Jean Picon

Location : Hôtel Particulier Montmartre

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