Everything 90’s…

…or what I like to call « fugly », aka the « faux ugly ». I’m not sure the following trend is a big thing
in Paris (although I’ve seen similar nylon Prada bags on the shoulder of some cool it girls here and
there), but it sure is one for me ! The other day, I was wearing a full vintage outfit that consisted in a Michael Kors denim mini skirt, a silky tank and this little pink dream bag. When I checked myself
in the mirror, I realized that this outfit reminded me so much of Ally McBeal (laughs).


This finding filled me with joy. Why, you might ask ? Because the 90s, and early 00s, make me
happy. They bring me back to my teenager self, when I used to dream of this kind of accessories,
and admire pop culture feminine landmarks like Ally McBeal, who where confident, had a career,
and (most importantly ?) style.
I actually posted the outfit on Instagram(
by=sabinasocol ), and someone commented that this bag is « awful ». And maybe, if we look at it in
it’s pure esthetic form, it is. But the message it gives is worth everything.



Knee high boots




This is one of the first trends that comes to my mind for accessories this fall. They’re simply
everywhere ! They actually make me realize how much I love the back and forth of fashion trends,
because I remember wearing similar boots more or less ten years ago, over slim jeans (raise your
hands if you did that too!).
This fall though, I’d push the trend a little further and rather than simply wearing them over jeans
(even if I love this come back), I’d combine them with a mini skirt or even a midi one, with a trench,
for a 70’s inspired silhouette.
The ones I’m wearing are from a shoe collaboration I did with the french brand Jonak, and are
coming out October 25th. In the mean time, here are some options that are already available.

Chunky gold jewelry




Huge jewelry was never really a thing in Paris, as I noticed that French women usually tend to go
towards fine everyday pieces. But this season, chunky statement jewelry makes it’s appearance. Is
it part of the 2000s vibe that’s making it’s come back ? Probably. I love how it started with the shell
necklaces and bracelets last summer, and now it’s made it’s way towards J-Lo inspired pieces
such as large hoops.



Also, they’re really perfect to spice up a super simple and sharp
look. And to start a rather deviant conversation : you know what they say, the bigger the hoop, the
bigger the…

Vanity bags

vanity_bag_askafrenchgirl vanity_bag2_askafrenchgirl


For those who are (legitimately?) scared by the 00s come back, little vanity bags might be a more
wearable option on an everyday basis. These, and also baguettes. Ugh, I guess I just can help it !
But on a more serious note, even if the mini bag trend isn’t really knew, I’ve noticed an appearance
of these more geometric, sophisticated versions. Here are some picks!

Transition heels

Fall is the perfect time of year to take your transition heels out of the closet, and I’m an
unconditional fan of this season for this very reason. When it’s too cold to wear your next to
nothing sandals, and too hot for the boots. In other words, the perfect weather for chunky large
sandals, mules, high heeled babies, etc. Also, Parisians are all about mules and heeled babies in




fall, and it’s enough to be at a terrace for ten minutes, starring at everyone who passes by (my
favorite passe-temps), to notice it. Is there any better reason to go get a pair right know ? I didn’t
think so.

Source : Who What Wear