If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably already saw some pictures from my trip to Tokyo in the beginning of this month. Visiting Japan has always been on my bucket list, not to say a huge dream of mine. I’ve always been fascinated by this culture, that is so, so far away from the one I grew up in. So, for once, this article is not about French girl style, but more so about Japanese style, and how to adapt as a traveler. So without any further ado, let’s dig in the 4 style tips I’ve learned from this trip !


1. If you’re in transit, check out your weather app

I’ve been warn, before this trip, that this would be the « worst timing of the year » to visit Japan weather-wise, as it was supposed to be super hot. Knowing that, I was expecting very high temperatures close to 40 degrees celsius, so when I checked out my weather app and saw it was going to be way less than that, I was relieved. But if there’s one thing I did not check, though, it’s the humidity level. Do you remember that Friends episode where Monica’s hair goes crazy because of the humidity in the Bermudas ? Well, that’s pretty much how I looked (and felt) all along. Also, and let me warn you, this is super sexy, I tend to bloat a lot when the weather’s that hot and humid. Had I known that before, I would have packed way more hair products, and way less shorts and heels. Hair clips, midi dresses and flats (yes, flats) were my best friends during this trip. What seemed odd to me, was that the Japanese didn’t really seem to feel the temperature just like us. But I’ll get to that later. If you’re travelling to Japan during the summer, here’s a list of things to pack that might come in handy.








2. Less is more…

Here’s what I observed about Japanese’s women style, during the summer at least. First of all, they are really elegant. But, obviously in a super different way than French, English or Italian elegance. Most of them would wear a midi skirt or large cropped pants, with a pair of cute flats and an oversized shirt. Also, a designer bag is a must. I’ve literally never seen so much designer bags in my life ! Sight. I really admired their elegance achieved with the most simple things, even if I thought this would be more appropriate for a spring weather, than a super hot summer Japanese weather. Like, I could have never worn pants or long sleeved shirts in that weather. If you’re a traveller and like to adapt to the culture of the country you’re visiting when you’re there, here are a few go-to’s.








3. But you’re never too « kawai »

Most of you have to remember that song « Harajuku Girls » by Gwen Stefani, right ? Well, that’s a huge cliché. I did not encounter one girl dressed like that, and, after speaking with some of my friends living there, the idea that it was, indeed, a cliché got confirmed. But don’t get me wrong, Japanese do like everything « kawai » (meaning « cute « ). Everything is cute, tiny or pink, actually.  Even the subway has a little music when it gets to a new station. So, even if you mind stand out by dressing with many colors or bold clothes in Japan, I did feel like you could truly just be yourself without being judged. Here are some absolutely adorable things to get if you want to give in to your true « kawai » self.







4. Heels ? What for ?

As you know, if you read my columns, I’m a huge heels girl. Actually, I’m never not in heels, it’s as simple as that. But in Japan, it was another story. First of all, wearing heels was impossible in that weather (if you bloat, like me). Also, we walked so many steps a day that I think it would have literally killed my feet. Secondly, the large majority of the Japanese women that I saw wore flats. So I guess I was on trend ! If you want to be too, here are some of my picks for cute flats to wear this summer.







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