Rule #1 – Keep it Parisian

I know it’s hard not to give in to the temptation of wearing a full head-to-toe designer look to the show. This is a subject that had me torn a few times. On one hand, I think Fashion week is the perfect time to be playful with your style, to play dress up, in a way. But on the other hand, I like to stay true to myself, style-wise. So, will I wear – borrowed – designer to the shows this season ? Of course I will. But I’d like to also include some more casual, day-to-day looks to the over the top ones. Flared jeans, crisp shirts and sober sunglasses will be a part of that mix. Very Emmanuelle Alt-ish. You gotta keep it Parisian !

Nuovo Black & Rose Sunglasses

Maysale Mule – Oceano



Rule #2 – Include some girly, over the top stuff

As you probably noticed if you read my previous pieces, I tend to be drawn to very girly, or sometimes even a little weird pieces (or at least my friends think they’re weird). After reflecting a little bit on this, I think it’s because I’m trying to please my inner teenager, but more on that later. Every time I’m tempted to buy something I know is iconic, but will be worn once in my life, I realize that Fashion Week might be the perfect excuse for me to wear the piece. I mean, who’s going to look at me funny in that flame skirt ? No one. Because my friends won’t be in NYC – ha !

Lolita Bag

Fire Slip White

Valentina Top Pink Shell





Rule #3 – Add some vintage picks

Sometimes, and in all modesty, I like to think of myself as a fashion visionary. I mean, did I not predict the return of « tacky chic » 2000’s bags no later than last winter ? All jokes aside, I believe vintage is the best way to stand out, and not only during Fashion Week, but at all time (no need to rewrite the vintage story here, you get me). I recently put my hand on a Fendi beaded Baguette (guess the inspo ? lol) and a pink nylon Prada bag. And because I’m nice too, here are some links to other cute finds you might love if you’re into the vintage tacky chic trend !



Rule #4 – Do NOT dress according to the weather

This is not my rule, this is a fashion rule. It’s very hot in September in New York, and brands have a lot of fall Items they want you to wear at their shows. That’s just the way it is. Also, I’m kind of done with flowy dresses as soon as I set foot back to my place after the summer holidays, so I like to start digging into my fall wardrobe. You’ll probably see me strolling the streets in short denim shorts and puffy sweaters. And yes – before you ask, I am a mature woman.

Source : Who What Wear